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13 Oct 2015

Jewellery Is A Way Of Making Memories Alive!

Every individual wishes to look beautiful. There are several aspects to beautifying yourself. The first significant step towards looking beautiful is feeling beautiful. You need to realize and recognize your inner beauty; only then, will it be reflected on your outer appearance. Nailing down the appropriate apparel is one half of it and selecting the correct jewellery is the other significant half of the process. Jewellery plays a key role in beautifying you.

25 July 2015

Fashion Designing the Next Big Thing!

The first question that arises to all of you is why Fashion matters? What you wear tells the tale of who you are, where you come from or who you desire to be. Somewhere fashion connects the lives of each and every one of you, it can seem puzzling. The level of impact this expansive creative industry have on all of you can seem mysterious.

15 June 2015

Fashion Means Business.

The Fashion Industry is a favourite topic for many! It certainly is a blooming business today. With millions of rupees invested in the fashion industry today, there is a good economics that goes on behind it. Livelihood of people from all over the world is depended on fashion industry. There has been recent online bloom in the retail market which has changed the dynamics of the fashion industry, its demand and supply.

27 May 2015

Fashion Designing – Saviour from the Cliché!

You see n number of people pursuing their career as Chartered Accountants, as MBAs, as Engineers and so on. But what about those who cannot settle in the shoes of those living a monotonous life...? Why waste years of this beautiful life doing something that you don't really like..! If you feel that you cannot sit back when you see a notepad and a pen and just end up doodling, all you want to do is create something or the other when you are free at an odd hour of the day, when you feel restless after you have thought of some innovative idea and can’t sleep till you have actually created it..!

20 May 2015

Jewelry Designing Best Learnt at LéMark

Jewelry is something that a woman wears for personal adornment. Anything and everything from earings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and other such accesories can be designed at its best to make a woman look at her best. A woman can not only feel beautiful with the perfect set of jewelry but also feel confident about her own self. Apart from wearing fashionable dresses, it is jewelry that can make her feel pretty from within. It not only makes her happy when she buys the right kind of jewelry for herself, but she also feels content and loved at the same time.

30 April 2015

It’s a Shoe that carries a Woman!

Aren’t shoes a woman’s best friends? The right kind of shoes, make a woman look classy and gorgeous. Be it a stiletto or a peep toe, they want it all. A shoe is your companion for every occasion, every moment, every event! But not many of us know the names of different shoe models! Likewise we don’t really know what suits the best for the dress we wear! Lets solve your query on shoes right away!

10 April 2015

Don’t let Tints and Shade make you Fade!

When we open our wardrobe the first thing that strikes our mind is what color should we wear! Color has a deep impact on fashion, in judging your style and the personality that you carry. Color selection and its impact on your mood also take your fashion standards to a different level. It is always a challenging question of analyzing the best color for a person to wear.

30 March 2015


Hello! The scratching heat has made it worse for one to exist, wonder what bad can it do to your clothes! You’re styling! Your reputation! Here is a guide that not any fashion institute in Mumbai will teach you, i.e. to keep in mind what is not to be done this summer!

20 March 2015

TrueStory of Fashion Designers!

Fashion is something that can be transformed into a form of art be letting the designer explore his creative horizons. Every emotion, every feeling, every thought should be displayed in the design that they create. A designer is an artist in its true sense as a designer portrays his ideas in the form of most innovative designs for people to wear. Like how a woman wouldn’t be complete without jewellery on her body, just like that, a fashion designer will be incomplete without his designs in real.

25 Feb 2015

Shine bright like a diamond!

A jewellery is the best accessory a woman can wear. Every piece of jewelry starts out as a simple idea, then a simple design. Jewelry is a type of accessory that humans have used to adorn their bodies for centuries. The first jewelry was most likely crafted from readily available raw materials, like bone and wood. With the discovery of precious metals, like gold and silver, ancient individuals began to create beautiful and ornate pieces of jewelry.

25 Feb 2015

Get set for Summer!

Buckle up ladies! It’s time to pack your woolens and set your wardrobe for this summer.. Why not design your own summer collection! From sexy swimwear and colorful cover ups, to breezy dresses and hot hats! Look smokin' hot in summer when it's toasty outside.

22 Jan 2015

Style Your Way into A Textile Designing Career!

Only Great Minds can make a simple design an elegant one and with the right guidance there will be no bars to stop your dreams from reaching a new horizon. Just like every design is a piece of art and every art is a masterpiece so is Textile Designing. Textile design is the art or process of designing the different structures and looks of different textiles or fabrics. It is a creative field that includes fashion design, manufacturing and any other cloth related stuff.

13 Jan 2015

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?

Fashion does not always mean only dressing, it’s a way of expressing who you are without having to speak and the best part of being a fashion designer is helping people in this expression. But still there is always a question that’s been raised, “Is Fashion Designing as a career an opportunity for someone to grow?” Fashion designing today is one of the most appealing, glamorous and exciting career options that anyone can opt for.

23 Dec 2014

Learn In A Student Friendly Environment!

LéMark Institute of Art lays special emphasis on 360 degree development of individual through exposure to various mediums. Tracing its roots back to Nitwear Agency with over 20 years of experience, today LéMark stands as not just a fashion institute but a fashion hub of budding designers.

18 Dec 2014

Ready to Party This Christmas?

We all know Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus. It is one of the most important days of the year for Christians. Christmas is all about feast, giving gifts and cards, enjoying church and celebration with friends and family. Celebration and party includes getting the best look and spending quality time with friends and family.

08 Dec 2014

Dressing up This Winter

With the onset of winter season arrived already, we all want to look our best, but it’s just so hard to bag up and still look great. The cold weather accessories which include hats, gloves and scarves can be awe-inspiring and bulky sweater, boots and coats will buy you a look of snow woman if you’re not careful enough.

03 Nov 2014

Learn From the Best

Jewelry are small decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Other than wearing fashionable dresses, Jewelry is something else which increases the beauty of any women.

01 Oct 2014

Fashion Designing? Institute Matters!!!

Fashion Designing is an interesting and creative career option where you can show your eye for detail. Plus it is glamorous too. Fashion Designing is very creative stream for all those people who have a spark inside them. It is not very simple to get into the industry.

24 Sep 2014


‘Fashion’ is the word which covers every possible craze of a particular age in an aspiring glamour. The word ‘fashion’ is normally related to dress but it also relates to how he/she carries themselves. It has the power to transform an image and make a social statement. In today’s world fashion has gained an immense importance because people do not find out the logic behind any fashion they just like spending money on every possible new craze. The credit goes to all the well renowned Fashion Designers and Role Models who have changed the look of the world and made it so trendy.

04 Aug 2014

Creative minds too need polishing

When a set of people wear clothing of the same kind or of the similar kind, the particular line of clothing happens of become fashion. People today are very fashion-centric and are often very choosy about the clothes they wear.

05 July 2014

Career in Fashion Designing

The number of people looking to make their career in has increased and why not is the best option to make your career successful.

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